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Do You Need A Juliet Balcony Installed?

Juliet balconies are a narrow balcony or railing which sit outside a window or pair of French doors.

A traditional common architectural feature in Mediterranean countries, F.O.L Design can offer you a glass Juliet balcony with a more modern, contemporary feel

Much more cost-effective than other styles of balcony, they are designed to give the appearance of a full balcony and although not suitable for all properties, they are perfect for jazzing up those that otherwise look basic, whilst also providing safety

If you’re thinking of getting a Juliet balcony, F.O.L Design has a full range to suit any application or style, including those with additional finishes such as tinted, coloured or blasted glass

Our team can design and install the perfect glass installation for your particular property.

Along with glass balustrades and stairs, our products include glass balconies that can let more light into your property. Our team regularly install these types of balconies for clients throughout the South East. Based in Haverhill, our services are particularly ideal for those in the local area.

For more information on our Juliet balconies, simply get in touch today.01440 421874 or (mobile) 07956 545601

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