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Glass Balustrade

There are many benefits to glass balustrades including the fact they boost light filtration, do not obstruct the view, can enhance safety and are extremely easy to keep clean.

Sleek and elegant, the transparency of the glass will leave views unspoilt but will keep young children and pets much safer. Bringing a contemporary twist to any property, they can benefit both homes and businesses, and look particularly stunning whether combined with or without a stainless steel frame.

F.O.L. Design regularly installs stunning glass balustrades on buildings in Essex.

Based in Haverhill, F.O.L Design can help anybody who wants to have a glass balustrade installed, with our designs including post and rail systems. Regardless of your budget, we have a variety of choices to suit your requirements.

Our glass balustrades can be installed all sorts of places, from staircases and balconies to landings. They are also ideal for mezzanine floors, gardens and terraces where you want to create a sleek and open-plan feel.

F.O.L.Design can help at every stage of a project, from the design and supply to the installation and handover of a project. Our glass balustrades come in a variety of styles so we can easily find the right solution for your project.

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