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Looking To Have A Juliet Balcony Installed In Cambridgeshire?

Glass Balustrade

 Want to create a bright, airy home in Cambridgeshire?

Juliet balconies can bring light into your room without compromising safety in your home or business. They can help you make the most of the warm weather this summer while adding a beautiful decorative feature to your property.

Juliet balconies come in a wide range of styles so you can easily find the right feature for your property in Cambridgeshire.

Our Juliet balconies have a single sheet of glass that can provide a feeling of openness whilst maintaining a safe and secure barrier at a high level.

These beautiful Juliet balconies have an elegant brushed satin polished finish and come with the finest quality stainless steel standoff fittings that are 50mm in diameter 316-grade quality.

Furthermore, all glass is heat soaked, toughened and laminated, making it super-strong and extremely safe.

The glass is available in a wide range of thicknesses to cover a varied range of spans, all of our balconies are custom made between 1000mm and 3000mm. We provide an excellent choice of additional finishes such as tinted, coloured or blasted glass at a small additional cost.

If you’re looking for a company that specialises in glass products in Cambridgeshire, why not discover more about F.O.L Design.

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