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Glass Balustrade

Based in Haverhill, F.O.L Design specialises in glass balustrades in a variety of styles, including frameless designs which are compliant with all building regulations.

Glass balustrades offer many advantages for a building or outdoor space: they bring in plenty of light, create the illusion of more space; re is ideal for modern interiors, especially corporate offices; they are extremely easy to keep clean; and today can be extremely strong and durable, with tempered glass made to be extremely tough. 

Offering uninterrupted views from your property, glass balustrades can really open it up to the surrounding landscape, particularly our frameless designs.

Contemporary, modern and stunning, our glass balustrades can be installed both inside and outside of your property.

We can not only supply glass balustrades but can also install them to the highest standards. Our team want to make buying this type of feature extremely smooth and stress-free. We’ll always available to answer any questions you might have about glass balustrades.

If you need a professional in this kind of product, simply get in touch today.

01440 421874 or  07956 545601.

Our Beautiful Frameless Glass Balustrades