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Stair Glass Balustrade

Do you want stair glass balustrade for the staircase in your home? We supply and install glass balustrade for garden decking, balconies and staircases, and have been for the past 15 years’. F.O.L Design aims to deliver a one-to-one service to every customer, and we are always in close communication with these customers to make sure of this....

When you appoint F.O.L Design for the stair glass balustrade in your home, we will handle all aspects of the project. This starts with the initial enquiry that you place and the consultation sessions, right through until the completion of the project, handling everything in between.

Having glass balustrades installed to the staircase can have various benefits, both functionally and aesthetically. Balustrade has a simple and functional design that will add an element of class to the house, with it being different from other staircase designs. No matter which of our designs you decide on, the balustrade will look seamless and timeless with its design. The designs that we offer include the post and rail system, rail-less system, spigot fix frame-less system, channel fix frame-less system and much more. The systems we provide are all designed differently, and vary in the price and design.

F.O.L Design has an in-house design team that design the stair glass balustrade systems to your requirements, with CAD design software. We only use high-quality fixtures, fittings and parts for the balustrade, and we source these from UK BSSA members, to the required EU and British standards. For more information on our glass balustrade for staircases, you can head to our Stair Glass Balustrade page.

Do you need glass balustrade for the staircase in your domestic or commercial property? Give F.O.L Design a call on 01440 421 874 or 07956 545 601, or you can email enquiries@fol-design.co.uk with any queries you have about our balustrades. Otherwise, you can enquire by filling in the required fields of our Contact Form, and a member of our customer service team will look to respond to the query as soon as they can.